The added value for managers and player advisors through social media marketing

What does social media marketing actually do for me as a player advisor and sports manager? Is Instagram marketing worthwhile for me and which hashtags should I use to create more reach and interaction? And is social media even the right advertising for my athlete(s)? Which social media platforms are suitable for me as an agency and for my players or athletes - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Snapchat?

We have taken a close look at the added value for you as a player consultant and sports manager and explained the most important advantages and tips.

Fig V: Benefits for sports managers and player advisors through social media marketing - Socentic Sports (C. Herberth & C. Utz) ©socentic

Build & enhance brand

It's not just your player's social media presence that's significant. As an agency, you also need to be active on various social media channels to achieve greater awareness of your brand. You can benefit enormously from the reach of the players. There is also the opportunity, in the B2B sector, to establish initial contact with potential sponsors. Some agencies have already realized to profitably place their own brand on social media. Don't miss this step and the connection to your competitors.

Attract new sponsors for players

Authenticity and reach are the be-all and end-all as messages of a brand. The greater the number of a player's fans, the more interesting the player is for sponsors. Professionally managed social media channels with a consistent post frequency sustainably increase the reach and engagement of users. Companies take a close look at the accounts of their potential partners and quickly recognize the potential - or not. With strategically managed player channels, we offer sponsors suitable testimonials for their products or services.

Retain existing sponsors of the players

For companies, the authentic and professional placement of the product or service on their advertising partner's channels is crucial. Reach also plays an important role, which we can increase in the long term through a strategic social media presence. With our expertise, we support the player in the integration of their sponsors in the social channels. In addition, we support you in discussions with advertising partners to achieve the greatest possible success for the player and your agency. This results in a strong and sustainable relationship with the cooperation partners.

Increase market value of the player and the agency

It's no secret that an enormous number of fans on social media has an impact on the market value of the player and thus the agency. For clubs, the channels of their players in social networks are not insignificant. They represent the club to the outside world and thereby increase brand awareness at the same time. Accordingly, the player makes a decisive contribution to the so-called employer brand of the club. In transfer and contract negotiations, social media channels can have an impact on redemptions and salaries. Together, we increase the market value of the player in the long term, which in turn increases the value of your agency.

Competitive advantage in acquisition

Professional social media consulting offers you a major advantage over your competitors. This service is still offered by only a few consultants, which makes you stand out from the crowd. Most players are already active on various social media platforms, but they act without any strategy. With us - hand in hand - you offer potential clients an added value that can play an important role in acquisition.

Retain players at the agency

In today's world, social media is part of marketing a professional soccer player like probably no other type of marketing. With professional social media consulting, you offer your players added value in the form of an additional service. Through this additional service, the exchange and relationship with the player becomes more intensive. Consequently, a greater basis of trust is created and this results in a sustainable and long-term commitment of the player.

Take advantage of the extensive potential of targeted social media marketing. Create added value for the fans of your players and athletes. For your brand, too. Your corporate value. Your success.