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Socentic Sports manages athletes and especially footballers from the top European leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

Discretion regarding the individual players and athletes is our top priority. We work on the basis of five key success factors, one of which is authenticity. That's why we love to be in the background - for the success of our athletes. For personal branding.

Marketing takes a lot of time - especially strategic and targeted brand building. We support our athletes around the clock so they can focus 100% on their sport.

Our packages

Our packages

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Why Personal Branding

There is no more valuable investment than in your own brand - in your own future. It is the one from which the most can be profited in the long term. No matter in which way and in which framework. There are countless opportunities to build up various footholds away from sports after or even during the active career - by means of the personal brand.

Through social media, athletes can reach potential partners and fans in today's digital world - quickly and cost-effectively.

The athletes alone decide how they want to shape their path - with us as a strategic partner. Side by side.

Advantages of SMM
The advantages for athletes, player advisors and clubs. Gain new fans, strengthen the relationship with your existing fans and gain sponsors through this. The effects on market value will be fun.
Success factors of SMM
We work according to the MIZAC model. This model and the success factors were scientifically collected by Christoph Herberth, one of the founders of Socentic Media, in an empirical research study.
Why we
We do. We don't overthink things. So that you can succeed.
How we proceed
With heart and competence. You want emotions? We love emotions.
What we do
Communicate. Colorful. Focused. For your added value. And for your fans.
How we relieve
No social media work. No texts. No time pressure. Because of us.
What this brings
More fans. More sponsors. More market value. Let's take care of it.
Why not others
Are you still thinking about that?

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How we roll out

You want to know what's waiting for you? Et voilà!

From Kick-Off to Go! we need 7 to 14 days for set-up and strategy development. Faster? Important? Good, then in one day.

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At your place. At our place. Or virtually. (free of charge)


Together we develop the strategy. Efficient & sustainable.


Implementing the content strategy. With brains.


You and Us. One team. Hungry for success & farsighted.

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